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Scott County Youth Baseball

Scott County Youth Baseball provides the opportunity for kids between the ages of 5-15 to play organized baseball during our spring/summer and fall leagues.  Signups for the spring/summer program are taken on a first come first serve basis due to limitations on field space.


This year, beginning mid-January, signups for the spring/summer program will be on-line at the SCYB website:

Scott County Youth Football

Scott Youth Football League
For detailed information and schedules visit .

Youth football participants and spectators thoroughly enjoy the  facilities of the Scott County Youth Football Complex which is located at Marshall Park.  The program consists of four divisions:  Junior Flag for ages 4 & 5, Senior Flag for ages 6 & 7, Junior Tackle for ages 8 & 9, Senior Tackle for ages 10 – 12. 


The league provides player jerseys and mouth pieces for all divisions.  In addition helmets, shoulder pads, practice pants, and a seven – piece pad set are provided for the tackle divisions. All players are responsible for purchasing their own cleats and game pants.  Please contact Parks Dept. for scholarship information. 


Registration: Begins May 1, 2017
Try-Outs & Team Drafts: July 24, 2017

Flag (4 & 5 year old)  $80 and $10 late fee
Freshman Tackle (6 - 7 year olds)  $120 and $10 late fee
Junior Tackle (8 - 9 year olds)  $120 and $10 late fee
Senior Tackle (10 - 12 year olds) $120 and $10 late fee



Division Age Eligibility
Junior Flag 4 or 5 years (Must turn 4 by June 1 and not turn 6 until after June 1)
Senior Flag 6 or 7 years by July 11 (Must turn 6 by June 1 and not turn 8 untol after June 1)
Junior Tackle 8 or 9 years by July 11 (Must turn 8 by June 1 and not turn 10 until after June 1)
Senior Tackle 10 - 12 years by July 11 (Must turn 10 by June 1 and not turn 13 until after June 1)


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Girl's Softball League
Co-Ed Softball League
Men's Softball League
Special Olympics

Log onto the Scott County Softball Club for all information relating to softball leagues  online at President: Eric Flaig (859) 492 - 0856.



Youth Soccer

Scott County Youth Soccer

Over 600 youth between the ages of 4 – 16 participated in the  youth soccer program.  This soccer program offers two playing seasons: Spring and Fall.  It is conducted by the Georgetown – Scott County Youth Soccer Association and the Parks and Recreation Department.
For more information visit