January 17, 2017

MEMBERS PRESENT:            

Jaime Kumar               DT Wells

Erik Flaig                     Ben Van Meter

Tom Willett                Russ Fendley

Ursula McIntyre        



Sherri Nicholas           Mary Franey                          

Rand Marshall            Vicki Miller

Julie Wash


         I.            CALL TO ORDER:  Jaime Kumar called the January 2017 meeting of the Parks and Recreation Board to order. 

       II.            APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:    A motion was made by Erik Flaig to accept the minutes of the December 2016 meeting, second by Russ Fendley.  The motion carried unanimously.

      III.            BOOKKEEPERS REPORT:  Julie reported that the balance on hand is $1,046,708.11.  The balance on hand this date last year was $972,291.01.

      IV.            BILLS FOR APPROVAL:  Julie gave the Board a list of bills to be approved for payment.  A motion was made by Tom Willett to approve the bills, second by Ben Van Meter.  The motion carried unanimously.

       V.            BUSINESS:

A. Marketing -  Sherri presented a marketing report.   Social Media Marketing- GSCParks reach has been increased 21% from last month.  Videos have been developed for various programs.  Direct Marketing- postcards, mailing list, information sheets for businesses.  Print Marketing- established an ad in the Georgetown News Graphic to run 3 times a week also developing an informational brochure.   Sherri requested changes to our sponsorship guidelines.  Russ Fendley motioned to approve the changes to our Advertising and Sponsorship guidelines that included removing the 6 business limit and change to 12 seconds per slide second by Erik Flaig. The motion carried unanimously.  Toyota Classic – Sherri to present award at 6:30.   Habitat for Humanity – Sponsorship, we will be included in their advertising.

B. Surplus Item – 2001 GMC Dump truck is inoperable and will cost more to fix than its value.  The road department has requested it for parts.  Erik Flaig motioned to surplus the 2001 GMC Dump truck, second by Russ Fendley. The motion carried unanimously.  Russ Fendley motioned to donate the surplus inoperable 2001 GMC Dump truck to the Road Department, second by Ursula McIntyre.  The motion carried unanimously.

C. Energy Efficiency Grant Update – The City, County, School System & Parks and Recreation have jointly applied for the grant.  The Pavilion is included in the grant for LED lights @ $37,000.00 and our estimated yearly savings would be $21,833.70.  This request will replace the air handler grant request.  

D. Board Elections – Vice Chairman Jaime Kumar became Chairman of the Board.  Jaime Kumar nominated Tom Willett for Chair Elect, Russ Fendley second.   Jaime Kumar nominated DT Wells for Treasurer, second by Russ Fendley.  Jaime Kumar nominated Ursula McIntyre for Secretary, second by Tom Willett.  All passed unanimously.

E. Directors Report –  Focusing on Marketing.  Increased Attendance.

F. Pavilion/Program Report-  Sherri reported 2,765 Pavilion Program Attendance, Total 2016 Pavilion Attendance 62,871.  

G. Maintenance Reports –  Snow plan is on our website.  Russ requested an update on our vandalism report.  The department is working on capital request items.  Jaime Kumar recognized and thanked Ben Van Meter for a job well done as 2016 Chairman.  




      VI.     ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to be brought to the Parks and Recreation Board, a motion was made by Ben Van Meter to adjourn.  Second by Tom Willett, meeting adjourned.