September 19, 2016


MEMBERS PRESENT:             Ben VanMeter        Ursula McIntyre

                                                   DT Wells                 Jaime Kumar          

                                                   Mary Singer            Tom Willett

                                                   Kenna Portwood     Erik Flaig


OTHERS PRESENT:  Bill Parker               Sherri Nicholas                                                      

                                   Robin Allen             Rand Marshall

                                   Julie Wash              Mary Franey

                                   Vicki Miller             Christy Robinson


I.  CALL TO ORDER:  Ben VanMeter called September 2016 meeting of the Parks and Recreation Board to order.

II. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES:    A motion was made by Tom Willett to accept the minutes of the August 2016 meeting with the correction of $140,000.00 replacing $140,00.00 listed in the Executive Session motion.  Seconded by Jaime Kumar.  The motion carried unanimously.

III.  BOOKKEEPERS REPORT:  Julie reported that the balance on hand is $1,202,583.10.  The balance on hand this date last year was $1,048,028.39 

IV.  BILLS FOR APPROVAL:  Julie gave the Board a list of bills to be approved for payment.  A motion was made by Erik Flaig to approve the bills.  Seconded by Tom Willett.  The motion carried unanimously.


  1. Christy Robinson -  Christy presented a Legacy Trail Update. Fiscal Court gave permission to re-submit the grant for the Legacy Trail extension.  The maintenance plan of grant states Georgetown Scott County Parks and Recreation would be responsible for maintenance of the trail.   Mowing, picking up trash, landscaping done bimonthly or monthly basis depending on the type and condition of the trail.  Trail facilities are inspected biannually for any repairs requiring capital expenditures such as asphalt overlay. Capital repair request are submitted annually.  $1, 074,000.00 is what it will cost. It will pave .8 miles, asphalt paving, the Horse Park is   donating 40 to 50 feet which represents the 20% in kind match.  The grant was submitted 10-14-16.  It could be spring before we know if we will receive the grant.   Thanks to Planning and Zoning for submitting the grant.


  2. Advertising -  Erik Flaig presented some ideas for advertising.  Habitat for Humanity advertise on the back of their trucks.   We would then advertise for them on our screen in the Pavilion lobby.  It would be the community working together for marketing.  Erik has other sponsors interested and we would need advertising packages to be approved to start generating more income.  Sherri requested to start doing some in kind advertising and would the Board be interested in doing this type of advertising?  Sherri is working on advertising packages and can put these together based on demographics and time of day participants are in the Pavilion.  This advertising would be limited to our monitors only.   We would also need limits on how many ads are running.  Rand expressed there should not be a legality problem as long as our limits are set. We would find a balance with our values and programs.  Mary suggested the Marketing Committee set the standards. All Board Members are in favor of putting packages together and setting guidelines.  The income would be used for the needs of the Pavilion facility.  Rand will research and try to work out a starting point for some guidelines.  Sherri will present more information at the next board meeting.



  3. FLSA -  Sherri presented actual earned comp time totals from the last fiscal year.  Everyone’s comp time varies with the seasons.  Only 210 hours of comp time can accrue annually.   Mary inquired about the duties test requirement.   The cost of restructure is built into the current budget.  Discussed whether duties could be shifted.  Parks and Buildings are open 7 days a week.  Sherri or Robin approves all comp time.     Sherri requested everyone look at the options for the December 1st labor law deadline.  Ben will give Mary copies of job descriptions.  Sherri will provide proposed revised job descriptions at the next board meeting.   Erik inquired if there is another system to electronically streamline the payroll process.   Mary inquired about a list of when comp time is usually accrued.  Kenna inquired about working through lunches and suggested to always have a lunch break.    Is there a better way to balance work week to avoid comp time?   Discussion tabled until next board meeting.


  4. Directors Report -  We are working with the University of Cincinnati with the Royal Spring Project overall masterplan to extend to old jail house development.   We have been approached by an HOA who has raised funds for a playground within the HOA.   Working with the Mayor to partner with HOAs to pilot program to put in pocket parks, which would be public parks.   Parks would be responsible to pick up trash once a week and inspections.  HOA would be responsible for mowing, insurance, equipment and etc.  Working with Trish Varney, a grant writer, KLC to help with getting a master list of grants to apply for.    A new Smith machine has been ordered for the weight room.  It was reported that one of our Lifeguards and a Kidzworld employee who are students at the High School performed CPR and saved a life today.  We are very proud of them.


  5. Pavilion/Program Report-  Robin Allen reported 1,795 Pavilion Program Attendance, 7,136 Total Pavilion Attendance.  Pavilion is at 69% recovery rate.  Low numbers due to annual shutdown.  Ed Davis had 1,021 Attendance, the block party had 350 in attendance.



  6. Maintenance Reports –   Parks - fencing & light issues at Marshall Park, still mulching playgrounds, still using inmate work crew.  Bill Parker- had a challenge with Pavilion sewer line.  Ended up having to call Roto Rooter.  New truck getting Linex, chassis undercoat, snowplow and steps. 




VI.  ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to be brought to the Parks and Recreation Board, a motion was made by Tom Willett to adjourn.  Seconded by Mary Singer, meeting adjourned.