1.                                    GEORGETOWN-SCOTT COUNTY PARKS AND RECREATION

                                                                    February 15, 2016


MEMBERS PRESENT:             Erik Flaig                                 Ben VanMeter
                                                   Bob Leonard                          Tom Willett
                                                   Ursula McIntyre                    D.T. Wells
amie Kumar                          Russ Fendley


OTHERS PRESENT:                 Bill Parker                               Gary Power
                                                  Sherri Nicholas                       Rand Marshall
                                                  Robin Allen                             Kim Price Rice
                                                  Julie Wash                               Mike Rice
                                                  Robert McGee                        Alan Freeman
Hannah Sharp


I.  CALL TO ORDER:  Chairman Ben VanMeter called the February  meeting of the Parks and Recreation Board to order.

II.  READING OF THE MINUTES:  Ben asked if there were any corrections or additions to the minutes of the January Board meeting.    A motion was made by Russ Fendley to accept the minutes of the January meeting as presented. Seconded by Erik Flaig.  The motion carried unanimously.

III.  BOOKKEEPERS REPORT:  Donna reported that the balance on hand is $866,171.50.  The balance on hand this date last year was 638,020.17. 

IV.  BILLS FOR APPROVAL:  Donna gave the Board a list of bills to be approved for payment.  A motion was made by Russ Fendley to approve the bills.  Seconded by Jaime Kumar.  The motion carried unanimously.


  1. Softball – Kim Price Rice – Kim came to the Board with several members of the SCSC Board to give a report about last year’s season and to present the Board with a last season budget and a proposed budget for the upcoming season.  She reported that they had 110 teams in 2015 along with 6 select teams.  They held 5 tournaments in 2014, 11 in 2015 and already have 14 scheduled for 2016.  She also told the Board that they do not have much growing room given the number of fields we have.  Russ remarked about the parking on Airport Road and the drinking that goes on in the parking lot at the fields.  Both of these problems have been discussed before.  Some of the accomplishments softball has completed in 2015 are 3 batting tunnels, a freezer and fridge, commercial grill and fryer, improved signage, built a scorebox, and painted various areas.  They are in the process of obtaining their 501(c)(3) status.  Some of the goals they have are to increase their tournaments, obtain some Pepsi coolers, add some additional signage, picnic tables, expand their sponsorships, and put in some drainage at Field #5.

    They have an estimate for the drainage issue at Field #5 from Kentucky Twist for approximately $10,000.  They asked if Parks and Recreation would be able to help with the expense of the drainage project.  Sherri said that we would not be able to put in the whole $10,000 but should be able to find some money to put toward the project.


  2. Chemical Bid – Sherri told the Board that the pool chemicals were due to be bid again this year.   She said that the specs should be about the same as last time with the exception of adding a thermal blanket chemical.  She said that the bid would run from 2/22/16 to 3/4/16.  It is a one year bid with the option of expanding to two years if everything is satisfactory.

  3.  Port-a-Potty Bid – Sherri also told the Board that the portable toilets were due to be bid again as well.  The specs will be the same and the bid will run from 2/22/16 to 3/4/16.  It is also a one year bid with the option of expanding to two years if satisfactory.
  4.  Horse park Contract – Sherri told the Board the Horse park contract is also due to be negotiated again.  She said that it is going to be a little different this year because Fayette County (where the HP is located) has raised their minimum wage to $8.20 per hour beginning in July.  Rand has looked into this and has determined that anyone working at the HP will have to make Fayette County minimum wage of $8.20 per hour.  Lexington is starting all of their life guards at $9.00 per hour.  This will definitely change the way we will have to pay our part time employees.  Sherri and staff are working on this in order to have the budget completed and in by the deadline which is March 4, 2016.

  5.  Global Fit – Sherri told the Board that we have had requests from patrons to get into the Global Fit program.  It is similar to the Silver Sneakers except it is not just for senior citizens.  It includes all kinds of insurance and all ages.  The money we would get also would be more that we get for the Silver Sneakers program.

  6. Discuss SCBOE Athletic Contract – Sherri reported that the Fiscal Court has concerns about the contract P & R has with SCBOE and that it is not renewed each year and re-signed.  Fiscal court has told P & R to review the contract and to adjust the schedule for the American Legion league to play on Sutton Field.  The contract also has City property included in it.  Sherri said that KRS 97 allows P & R to enter into contracts without direct approval from the City and/or County.  The contract cannot be changed until it expires in January, 2017.  The contract came out of meetings with Judge Lusby, the school Superintendent, Lois, Rand, and Russ.  Rand hopes to have a meeting with Joe Pat, Coach Willard, himself, and Sherri to make an amendment to the contract to get through this year.

  7.  Directors Report – Sherri reported that we will be having neighborhood sessions to begin at Ed Davis.  We are going to get the community together and ask them their vision for the Ed Davis Learning Center and Ed Davis Park.

  8. The City is terminating their relationship with Sophicity and are looking at NetGain.

    The budget is due to Judge Lusby by March 4.  Sherri will try to send out a rough draft before she sends it in.

    Sherri told the Board that we are looking into a new program similar to Cross Fit.  They will have a corner in the gym with some gym friendly equipment.  The initial investment will be $5,000.  There will be one personal trainer that will teach the program and there will be specific hours that the “corner” will be available.  They will need to come up with a name for the program.

    Sherri is meeting with Miss Artie this week to discuss Arts in the Park.  They would like to have a short program in the park and also have the Georgetown Playhouse do a short play on the same night.

    The P & R Department is proposing to work with the Police Department a grant that would be used for a program at EDLC for 8 – 14 year olds to keep first offenders from becoming second offenders.  The grant is up to $100,000 with 25% matching funds. 

    PLAY is scheduled to begin on 2/19/16.  PLAY is Pavilion Late night Activities for Youth.

    Sherri is serving on the Comprehensive Plan Committee for Facilities and Infrastructure.

    The shelter at Suffoletta needs a new roof, SFAC needs to be painted.  There is some settlement money that can be used for this.

    The decking at Royal Spring Park needs to be replaced.  Sherri is talking to the Mayor and will be getting some pricing.

    She also reported that we received an excellent rating on the energy audit.  They are looking to replace some exit signs with LumAware signs.  These signs glow in the dark and do not require electricity.  She has check and they do meet the fire codes.

    Youth football wants to start a flag football league this spring.  They will be utilizing the football fields only.  The league will be for 5 – 17 year olds and they will play only on Sundays.


  9. Pavilion / Program Update – Robin reported that the EDLC attendance for January was 289.  The Pavilion program attendance was 3,904; regular attendance was 14,567.  The January income was $74,719.96; expenses were $74,733.01 for a monthly recovery of 100%.

  10. Maintenance Reports –  Gary reported that there have been some break-ins at the shelter at Suffoletta.  They have been getting in through the roof.  He said that it will be replaced with a metal roof.  He also said that they have been working on new picnic tables for Brooking Park shelters.  The wooden ones will be going to Marshall Park for softball. 

     Bill reported that they have been working on snow.  Also budget, marketing (passes given to the water company to be given with any new service), they have put motion detector switches in the locker rooms, and there is still a leak on the walking track.  


VI.  ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business to be brought to the Parks and Recreation Board, a motion was made by Tom Willett to adjourn.  Seconded by Russ Fendley.