BOARD MEETING

               A G E N D A

                   February 15, 2016

                                   I.    CALL TO ORDER

                                   II.   READING OF THE MINUTES

                                  III. BOOKKEEPERS REPORT

                                  IV. BILLS FOR APPROVAL

                                   V.  BUSINESS

                                                               A.  Softball – Kim Price

                                                               B.  Chemical Bid

                                                               C.  Port-a-Potty Bid

                                                               D.  Horse  ParkContract                                                                                                              

                                                               E.  Global Fit

                                                               F.  Discuss SCBOE Athletic Contract

                                                               G.  Directors Report – Sherri Nicholas

                                                               H.  Pavilion / Program Report – Robin Allen

                                                                I.  Maintenance Reports – Gary Power, Bill Parker